Selected content from the VinylVideo™ Press Kit:

The all new VinylVideo™ Catalog (acrobat pdf format)
"Welcome to the World of VinylVideo™" at Postmasters Gallery, New York, the installation
"VinylVideo™ In The Mix" at MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), Vienna, the live show
Brand new - the VinylVideo™ Home Kit and other merchandising products!, the products

Text: several texts about VinylVideo™ (html format)
Text: general information about VinylVideo™
Text: essay by Best Before (html format)
Text: essay from Eikon Magazine by Timothy Druckrey (acrobat pdf format)
Text: advertising folder Eikon Magazine (acrobat pdf format)    (click here for german version)

Reviews / press coverage
2000-11   ABC News
2000-10   Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (in German)
2000-10   Berliner Zeitung (in German)        >>text only
2000-09   Alarm Magazine (Acrobat PDF format)
2000-06   Wired Magazine        >>text only
2000-05   Ten By Ten Magazine        >>text only        >>highres pdf version
2000-04   Village Voice        >>text only
2000-03   New York Times Online Edition
2000-02   Pariscope (in French)

Images: miscellaneous promo material
Images: VinylVideo™ related found footage
Images: album covers of the VinylVideo™ Picture Disks
Images: videostills from the VinylVideo™ Picture Disks
Images: videostills from the VinylVideo™ infomercial
Images: DEAF Festival, Rotterdam
Images: 49th Biennale di Venezia
Images: Subtechs at The Lab, San Francisco
Images: FCMM Festival, Montreal
Images: FACT Center, Liverpool

Video: several excerpts from VinylVideo™ Picture Disks and Presentations (on Vimeo)

Sounds: several examples (mp3 format)   

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