'Sub-Techs' at the Lab

"Sub-Techs: The New Post-Digital Sculpture" at the Lab is an entertainingly unneven business.Stephen Hendee contributes a foam-core wall sculpture that looks more postcubist than postdigital.Rachel Stevens has a neat pile of
lumber that brings late '60s stacking sculpture to mind but is really about the lumber pieces' ends simulating a bit-mapped image. They have been selectively dipped in blue paint.
But one remarkable, hilarious piece here is not to be missed. German artist Gebhard Sengmuller has invented something called "Vinyl Video," which purports to be-and perhaps really is-a means of recording video images and sound on LP records. Sengmuller claims that he has found a missing link in the evolution of imaging technology.
A viewing station with LP record player, a yellow monitor and comfortable chair on a white Flokati rug allows the visitor to try the device. Set the needle down on the record and the monitor plays low-definition black and white images with slightly muzzy sound.
The record that is a long sales promotion for "Vinyl Video" is one of the funniest send-ups ever of the total sales environment in which we live.
(Kenneth Baker)