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Exhibition & Events

Opening: Friday, 28.1.2000, 7 pm
Duration: 28.1.-19.3.2000

The project "LowTech" collects different initiatives, which question in depth the actual developement of technology and economy. The present economic conditions call for the permanent production of apparatus, which are not primarely orientated on the interests of the users, but on the demands of growing consumption and profit. Because high tech is getting more and more complicate, the people get the impression of powerlessness. Otherwise the machines' applications become constantly more and more opaque. That high tech keeps getting useless, is used as an argument of those, who are intensively engaged with low tech. They have lost their belief in progress by technology, without being hostile to technology on principle. They use simple technic apparatus and machines. Their characteristic is, that you can acquire them cheap or free, and that you can use them without great knowledge. The low tech fans often fall back on "primitive" machines, which are taken of the market, to make way for new, mostly more expensive machines. If these machines are really more useful or not, is secondary to the industry. That this recourse on discarded or "old-fashioned" machines can imply nostalgic aspects, is not contested. For that reason you have to differentiate within the low tech initiatives and artists. The project "LowTech" of the Shedhalle will primarely present those, who work with an subversive interest and have a dissident conception. It includes the media film, video, computer, photography and music. "LowTech" is the cool reply to the myths of technology and to the desires, which the industry will evoke.

Participants of the exhibition are:

Sadie Benning, Critical Art Ensemble, etoy, Linsenfrei, KONSUM Art Server www.konsum.net, Ralf Palandt, David Pfluger, Redundant Technology Initiative, VinylVideoTM presenting Kristin Lucas


Saturday, 29.1.2000, 20.00
the Super 8-Night to technology and science fiction

with films of
Beatrice Jäggi (Zürich)
Galileo Galilei, 1983, 8 Min.
Super 8ter Januar 2000, 1999, 1 Min.
Godzilla, 1998/99, 2 Min.

Lucas Lumma (München)
Rundreise, 1990-97, 10 Min.
Ärzte auf der Flucht, 1985, 20 Min.

Ralf Palandt (München)
Das Mädchen aus dem Weltraum und das Skelett der Urzeitbestie.
Das antifaschistische Horror-B-Movie, 1992, 35 Min.
Der Gewalt von Rechts keine Chance, 1993, 6 Min.

David Pfluger (Basel)
Säurefabrik Trickfilme, 1995-98, 12 Min.
(Sendeschluss, The Beauty and the Beast, 1:0, The BLOB, Star Wars - Special Edition, Der Weg ins Glück)
Souvenir Defense, 1996, 2 Min
TV-Snack, 1999, 1 Min.
Nicht von Interesse, 1997, 2,5 Min.
Die Wurstfabrik, 1995, 2 Min.
Remote Control, 1999, 1 Min.

Thursday, 24.2.2000, 22.00, in Substrat (im Rohstofflager, Josefstrasse 224)


live acts: People like us (UK), Institut für Feinmotorik (D), Voice Crack (CH)
Visuals: Midi
Audio-Installation: Ralf Schreiber

a cooperation of Domzil, Karbon, Shedhalle and Substrat

Friday, 25.2.2000, 20.00

Videos of Sadie Benning

From early films with pixelcamera to her newest work "Flat is beautiful" of the video artist and musician (Le Tigre) Sadie Benning (Chicago)

Saturday, 11.3.2000, 14.00


A discussion on the relation of high and low tech
with etoy, Margarete Jahrmann, Steven Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble),  Giaco Schiesser, Thomas Städeli, James Wallbank (Redundant Technology Initiative)
event: KONSUM art server www.konsum.net featuring Lo_Ser www.lo_ser.org

for further informations: www.shedhalle.ch