It's here: the VinylVideo™ Home Kit!

With the VinylVideo™ Home Kit, you solve all these problems at once!
The VinylVideo™ Home Kit is an extremely easy-to-operate Set Top Box-simply hook up your regular turntable and TV set, and you're ready to enjoy VinylVideo™ picture discs featuring picture and sound quality the likes of which you've never seen before!

The VinylVideo™ Home Kit is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece featuring state-of-the-art engineering. Onlineloop Laboratories has developed a top-quality product, solidly crafted of the finest materials, with a handsome exterior created by star designer Leo Schatzl. You can look forward to a new era of entertainment electronics featuring unmistakably distinctive visual effects offered only by VinylVideo™.
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You'll see! VinylVideo™ is much easier to operate than a conventional video recorder. The annoyance of fast-forwarding and rewinding is a thing of the past. Simply set down the needle and you're ready to go.