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John Logie Baird:
John Logie Baird
The World's Earliest Television Recordings - Restored!

Dead Media Mailing List, moderated by Bruce Sterling:
The Dead Media Project
Dead Media Working Note 29.2
Dead Media Working Note 31.7

History of Television and HiFi:
Museum of Flexidisk (special thanks to Mr. Cosic for this truly fantastic link)
Sadie Benning and Pixelvision
8-Track Heaven
British Amateur Television Club
The Narrow-Band Television Association
Mechanical Television
Welcome to the World of 405 Alive!
WB4EJC-Amateur Radio-Ham Radio-Slow Scan TV-SSTV
Museum of Television
RCA Selectavision
Quadruplex Park
LabGuy's Watering Hole
Early Technology
Chrysler's Highway Hi-Fi
Eat Your Records
History of Video Synthesizers
The General Electric Show'N Tell
When LP's Roamed The Earth
Museum of Sound Recording
The Voyager Interstellar Record
Philo Farnsworth - Farnovision
The History of Television
Who is the Father of Television?
The Nipkow Disk

Vinyl Record Production:
Gramofonove Zavody a.s.
Aardvark Record Mastering
Rainbow Records

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