VinylVideo™ is an invention by Gebhard Sengmüller,
in collaboration with Martin Diamant, Günter Erhart
and Best Before.

Gebhard Sengmüller
Leopoldsgasse 6-8/8
A-1020 Vienna, Austria
phone +43 699 15 45 59 29

Martin Diamant

Günter Erhart

VinylVideo™ is represented by:
Postmasters Gallery

54 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013
phone ++1/212/727 3323

The VinylVideo™ Home Kit:
Exterior Design: Leo Schatzl and Tina Lehner
Interior Design: Martin Diamant

The VinylVideo™ Logo:
Design by Swen Hellmich

The VinylVideo™ Website:
Designed by Rachel Stevens and Georg Sengmüller
Translation: Mel Greenwald

The VinylVideo™ Infomercial:
Production: Gebhard Sengmüller and Best Before
Host: Barbara Gassner
Translation: Mel Greenwald
Special thanks to: Christiane Rainer,
Christine Meierhofer, Herwig Turk,
Claudia Korschil, Nam

Welcome to the World of VinylVideo™:
Architectural Design: Antje Lehn